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Earn thousands every month, doing basic Online Marketing, for small local business in your home town...

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Earn thousands every month, doing basic Online Marketing, for small local business in your home town…

Do you want a business that you can start which makes tons of money and has very little competition?

I’m going to show you how I’ve silently been making a fortune helping local businesses with their Internet marketing.

Best of all, I’m not worried one bit about you competing with me because I already have my little town on lock!

You don’t have to worry about going up against a bunch of big companies because frankly, there are none doing this.

You’re going to be paid very well for doing nothing more than helping business owners succeed!

This is a very fulfilling business!

You’re probably tired of all the hype and fad business “opportunities” out there.

You probably see some new “business” come out each day that promises to show you a new way to make money on the Internet.

The sad reality is that the majority of these programs just don’t work and they have so much hype loaded into the initial offer that it’s just impossible for the product to live up to all of those promises.

The result is usually people like me and you holding the bag wondering “What happened? I did what the program said … ”

Well today, that all changes!

Small Businesses NEED YOU more than you could ever imagine

The economy as well as fiercer competition has left local businesses in a bad position when it comes to staying afloat.

Profits are down and the amount of customers who make purchases from these businesses has also taken a plunge.

Make no mistake about it; local businesses are struggling and working hard just to keep the lights on and the doors open.

It has become very hard to make it locally with the increase of electricity, gas, Internet access, and just about everything business related.

The increased prices of things required to run a business do two deadly things to business sustainability:

1) The increase in operating expenses increase the prices of the products that the business is offering making customers search around for a cheaper option.

2) The increase also closes the profit margin of each transaction to a much lower level than it was previously. This means lower profits for the business on anything they DO sell.

Have You Seen Businesses Closing In Your Home Town?

I don’t need to spend a lot of time painting a picture of what the increase in business expenses combined with the down economy are doing to local businesses.

Every time you turn on your local news, you probably see stories like this…

“Going out of business sale, everything must go by Thursday!”

“Furniture company declares bankruptcy without delivering “paid for” furniture to 49 families leaving them out their cash and with no furniture”

“Local businesses are forced to increase prices to meet increased operating expenses from fuel cost increases”

“Less profit per transaction leaves many already low profit businesses out of business.”

Not a very good outlook is it? These are all stories that I’ve seen on my local television news station recently.

Yellow Page Ads, Television Ads, And Radio Advertising Aren’t Working anymore.

You might be thinking that local businesses have options as far as advertising to compensate for lost business.

In the past, this would have been absolutely true but today, the “old” advertising methods just aren’t working anymore!

Yellow pages ads, while once the best way to advertise, are becoming much less responsive than every before.

This is because the Internet has taken over as the premier place that people search for local information. Very few people use the yellow pages compared to the Internet!

Just as yellow page ads have seen a dramatic decrease in response, so have radio ads and to a lesser extent, television ads.

What’s even worse is that while response has gone down, the price of advertising with these old methods has actually gone up as a result of businesses scrambling to make up for lost income. This creates more competition.

So you have less responsive advertising at a higher price with more competition as a way of generating business.

That’s a pretty tough pill to swallow.

The solution to local business advertising woes

As we previously discussed, the Internet is taking over as the premier way for people to locate information on local businesses.

It only makes sense that if a business is going to survive in these trying times that they get online as quick as possible right?

Of course!

The Internet is where customers are now and if your message isn’t in front of them, you’re just going to slowly fade away.

No business wants to consider going out of business because they didn’t understand how to get online.

You can help local businesses build an online presence and Collect big checks for that help!

Most local businesses just don’t have the know how to or desire to mess around with internet marketing.

If you could help a local television repair business in Tucson, Arizona get the number one ranking on Google for Tucson Television Repair, do you think they would be happy to pay for that?

You bet they would!

Getting a number one ranking for a term like that ensures that they are going to be the number one thought in the minds of people looking to have their television repaired or serviced in Tucson, Arizona.

This is just one way of helping a local business get more customers and start getting exposure online.

There are many more methods.

“Yeah, but can I really help a business rank well and Get exposure online?”

I know that you may have the initial worry of this being something too complicated for you to learn.

After all, search engine optimization is hard, right?

When you’re talking about high competition keywords, search engine optimization certainly can be hard, if not impossible.

Luckily, you’re going to be targeting extremely easy to obtain keywords targeted at local cities and towns, not big general markets like “weight loss,” “casinos,” or “Free.”

It’s so easy to rank well for terms like “Tucson Television Repair,” “Kingman Catering Service,” or “Seward Boat Charters” that you won’t believe it.

In fact, in some cases, I’ve purposely tried NOT to do much search engine optimization on some keywords I’ve targeted just to see how easy it was and STILL got the number one ranking.

All you have to know are some basic optimization strategies which are as simple as placement of certain phrases on a web page, and you’re well on your way to snagging all kinds of local search listings.

Best of all, you get paid well by these local businesses and they’ll be ecstatic to pay you because of the results you show them.

If you can show them decent exposure through their rankings and through traffic generated, they will be happy to continue paying you.

More easy local marketing strategies

Here are the simple services that you can offer your local business clients that will get them excited to hire you:

Search engine rankings that get them exposure through organic search listings where most people are searching.

Utilizing local search technology to capitalize on the newest wave of search exposure offered by Google and other search engines.

Creating a social media presence using tools like YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook to build a crowd of loyal customers.

Getting setup with a website so potential customers can get information, directions, and product and service data in just a click.

Building an e-mail list so that businesses can follow up with interested prospects and past customers to create more business now!

Are you ready for a business that works?
Jump into the low competition, high profit local business marketing field now!

  • One short manual gives you all the information you need to get started fast!
  • Easy to understand instructions make sure you know exactly what you’re doing!
  • Learn the entire system today and start targeting your first client tomorrow!


  • Enjoy a low competition business that ensures you have tons of customers!
  • So simple even a complete newbie can become a fast success!

Local Internet Marketing Empire

Don’t you deserve a business model that will give you low competition success compared to all of the other Internet Marketing business opportunities out there?

Sure you do!

The best thing about the Local Internet Marketing Empire system is that low competition is built in!

You don’t have to worry about a bunch of big company hound dogs breathing down your neck, trying to steal your business.

You will be the only one in your market offering this unique service to local businesses.

This means that businesses will look at you as the go to person for getting them online and developing a presence for them!

There is a a ton of ways that you can get started helping businesses in your local community to market themselves on the Internet.

Many local business owners want to get online, but have no idea how! That’s where you come in, and show them what you can do to increase their customer base, by helping them get online!

If you’re tired of trying to make it with high competition, hyped up business opportunities or Internet marketing programs, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Local Internet Marketing Empire system guarantees that you’ll be able to start a high profit business without elbowing hundreds or thousands of competitors for small customers pools.

Follow this simple manual and you’ll be well on your way to creating a high profit business right from the start.

Getting your first client is easy because this isn’t something that you need to “sell” a business. They already know they need to be online.

They just don’t know how and that’s where you come in!

The Local Internet Marketing Empire System is 100% Complete

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this incredible manual…

  • System Overview – The complete business model described briefly in an easy to understand format so you have a birds eye view of how this system works.
  • Your Presence – Setting up your web presence in a way that instills customer trust and gets people excited to work with you.
  • Simple SEO– the 10 best Search engine optimization methods that virtually guarantee that you dominate the majority of local search terms that you try to target for your clients!
  • Local Search – Utilizing the new local search technology mainly being pioneered by google to ensure your clients get every bit of search engine exposure possible!
  • Social Media – setting up, building, and maintaining twitter, youTube, and FaceBook fan accounts for your local business clients to give them multiple methods for connecting with their customers.
  • Local Web Presence – building a website for your client that integrates their social Media presence with directional maps, product & Service listings, e-mail list building, and more!
  • Packaging, Pricing & Customer Acquisition– how to price and package your services in a way that makes sense for local businesses and how to find customers to work with!

Are you ready to get into business doing something that not only makes money but is fulfilling?

Being a local internet marketing consultant is going to give you a gigantic edge over other standard “marketing” or “web design” companies.

You’re going to be offering them services that all small to medium sized businesses know that they need so you really don’t even have to sell them.

Are you ready for a low competition business model?

Success with the Local Internet Marketing Empire isn’t something that only a handful of people are going to experience.

There are tens of thousands of cities in the United States alone which leaves the market wide open for all kinds of success stories. Even if there are 3, 4, or even 5 other people in your town doing this, you WILL NOT run out of clients.

This is the biggest trend in business marketing in the world right now and it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. The Internet and its rule over how people locate services and product they want is here to stay.

Best of all, you can learn this entire system in the Local Internet Marketing Empire manual for the low price of only $17!

And if that wasn’t enough, you’re also going to get this pile of bonuses thrown in your lap just for taking action today!

Ordering in extremely fast and simple. Click “add to cart” for instant access.

Order via our secure ordering servers below and you’ll be taken to the digital download of Local Internet Marketing Empire instantly! (It’s automatic so it doesn’t matter when you order)

Enter the high profit, low competition business of helping local businesses increase profits, leads, and customers!

Another thing you need to consider is that word of mouth marketing is huge in any local market. If you help one business get good rankings, you better believe they’re going to tell their business owner friends.

This is how you start getting customers with zero marketing on your part!

You Have To Get Started Now If You Want To Succeed Now!

P.S. Don’t delay and miss out on this incredible opportunity. Be the first in your town to start a local internet marketing business and sweep up all of the business!

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